Laminar Air Flow Clean Bench

Vertical Clean Bench / Filtered PCR Cabinet “MaXtream V”, Class 100 HEPA filter. With 8 Steps Air Velocity Control, Touch-type Controller, Dual UV Lamp and Florescent Lamp, Air and Gas Cock, Built-in Electrical Outlet

  • CE Certified
  • PL(Product Liability) Insurance
  • with Certificate & Traceability : Controlled by Serial Number, Certificate, Delivery-information, and Traceable
  • Data Base System
  • Class 100 HEPA Filter of efficiency up to 99.97% & 0.3 micron size
  • Mesh Guard for HEPA Filter Protection
  • Easy to Exchange HEPA Filter
  • 8 Steps Air Velocity Control
  • Safety UV Protection System :
  • UV Lamp is only activated once safety Glass Door is Completely closed
  • High performance of Touch Controller-Easy to use
  • Microprocessor Digital Controller and Back Light LCD
  • UV and Fluorescent Lamp, External Gas Connection Valve, Internal Electrical outlet
  • High-Quality Back-Light LCD
  • 99hr 59min Timer
  • Silence and Vibration-Free Blower
  • Tempered Safety Glass Sliding Door for Protection from Against UV
  • Optimized Air Flow System for Uniform Air Flow/Velocity
  • Corrosion Resistant 304 Stainless-steel Working table
  • Air Flow-type : Vertical Air Flow-type

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