Personal Aerosol Size Selective Exposure Monitor

Leland Legacy Sample Pump

The Leland Legacy was developed to further advance personal exposure measurement.

Leland Legacy and Sioutas Impactor

Suitable for use with the Leland Legacy Pump at 9 L/min, the Sioutas Impactor separates airborne particles precisely into five size ranges from ultrafine to PM2.5.

When used with PTFE filters, the Sioutas Impactor is highly efficient at collecting particles without using impaction grease or coated substrate and at retaining unstable compounds for size-fractionated chemical analysis.

The performance of the Leland Legacy pump with the Sioutas Impactor has been verified through EPA-ETV.

  • High flows from 5 to 15 L/min
  • Long runs for 24 hours on one battery charge
  • Low Levels
  • Low Noise
  • Advanced flow control
  • Flexible programming
  • Accurate automatic calibration
  • Leland legacy is a compact , portable and battery operated sampler with the high flow (5 to 15 L/min)
  • Long run time for enhanced sensitivity required for measuring low concentrations in indoor Air Quality & Ambient Exposure Monitoring
  • Personal Cascade Impactor
  • Particle size cut points (in micro meter): 2.5, 1.0, 0.5, 0.25
  • Used with Leland legacy pump for personal exposure particulate characteristics

Use in non-explosive locations only.

  • 24-hour exposure monitoring
  • Indoor air studies
  • Particulate sampling:
    • Pesticides — EPA TO-10A and ASTM 4861
    • Bioaerosols (spore traps/cassettes)
    • Cotton dust
    • Radon decay products (ASTM D6327-98)
    • Isokinetic sampling
    • Nanoparticles with 37-mm MCE filter at 7 L/min.
    • Respirable TLV-TWA silica and other compounds with low target concentrations.
  • Environmental sampling
  • Sampling with cascade impactors
  • Spore trap sampling (VersaTrap)
  • PM2.5 with PEM at 10 L/min (EPA IP-10A)

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