Glove Box

Basic Glove Box, with 1 Pairs & 2 pairs Hypalon® Gloves & Transfer Chamber. With Gel Sealant System, One Piece Upper & Bottom, General Isolation & Containment

  • Optically Clear One Piece Acrylic Top
  • Compact, Portable, Lightweight and Self-contained
  • Very Useful for Isolating Sensitive Research Studies from a Hostile Exterior Environment and Modifiable for Specific Uses
  • Matched Die Molded Thermoset, Bright White Bottom (818-GB only)
  • Formed One Piece Clear Acrylic Top Section with Rounded “Easy Clean” Corner
  • The Front Slopes Viewing Panel Minimizes Glare
  • Coved Easy to Clean Covers with No Hidden Dark Spots.
  • Double Layered, Closed Cellular Neoprene Gasketing System
  • Ambidextrous, White Hypalon Gloves for Superior Chemical and U.V. Resistance.
  • Adjustable Vacuum Gauge on Transfer Chamber. Four Ground Key Cock Valves for Purging
  • White Leveling Tray for Transferring Liquids through the Transfer Chamber
  • Stainless-steel “O” Rings for Gloves * Transparent Transfer Chamber
  • Pharmaceutical Research Labs
  • Bio-Tech Research Facilities
  • Animal Science Research
  • Clean Room Facilities
  • Waste Management Research
  • Micro-Electronics Assembly
  • Chemical Company Labs
  • Industrial/Contract Research
  • Plasma Welding Applications
  • Universities/Medical Schools
  • Biology, Microbiology, Toxicology, Zoology, Pharmacology, Geology

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