Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner

Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner-set “WUC-D”, Microprocessor Control, 3.3~22 Lit. With Stainless-steel Wire Basket & Flat Lid, Highly Effective Cleaning, up to 80℃, 0~60min, 40kHz Frequency.

  • CE Certified
  • With Certificate & Traceability : Controlled by Serial Number,
  • Certificate, Delivery-information, and Traceable Data Base System
  • Microprocessor Control : Timer, Temperature and Output Control
  • Multi-Frequency Sonication Body
  • HF-Frequency : 40kHz
  • Temperature Range from Ambient to 80℃
  • Convenient Preset Function : Heating and Timer
  • Drain is mounted in the bottom (WUC-D10H, WUC-D22H)
  • Maximum 60 minutes of Cleaning Time
  • Very Strong Cleansing Degassing & Sweep Function

Useful for Cleaning to Remove Dirt, Grease, Waxes and Oil from all Lab Instruments by Ultrasonic Frequency

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