Portable FTIR Gas Analyzer

GT5000 Terra, the world’s smallest, portable and splashproof multigas FTIR analyzer. Capable of measuring up to 50 gases simultaneously, with constant monitoring, online. Easy to use with low cost of ownership.

Gas analyzer packed with features

GT5000 Terra is full of features, in a tiny but robust package. A high sensitivity sample cell for lowest possible detection limits, multicomponent capability and a built-in-pump, so no need for a separate sampling system. This portable gas analyzer is also lightweight (9.4 kg), splashproof (IP54 rated) and battery-powered providing unmatched portability for such a powerful analyzer. Designed for demanding on-field use, the GT5000 is the perfect tool for a wide variety of applications and uses cases.

Measure multiple gases simultaneously

The GT5000 Terra can be used to measure up to 50 gases simultaneously. The system is also easily configurable to measure new components, without any need for hardware changes. As all gases are measured from the same spectral data, it is possible to go back to previous measurements to investigate the presence of new compounds of interest. Our gas spectrum library consists of over 300 gases, which you can configure to GT5000 by picking and choosing, according to your needs.

Quick set-up and results

The sample cell in GT5000 Terra is at ambient temperature providing low energy consumption for maximum battery life while also minimizing the warm-up time of the analyzer. No need for time-consuming calibrations or consumables that raise the cost of ownership. You only need to do background measurement with nitrogen once per day and you are good to go. You can get results as quickly as in 5 seconds while using longer periods gives the best signal to noise ratio.

Operate GT5000 Terra with field-friendly software, wirelessly

The analyzer can be operated with Calcmet software on a Windows tablet or laptop. This software is designed to maximize the portability and ease of use, enabling one-click measurements and immediate results. You can control GT5000 Terra with Calcmet via built-in Wifi or Bluetooth and you can even operate it remotely through VPN. The software comes in two versions, Calcmet Easy for accessible on-field work and Calcmet Expert for further analysis with advanced tools. In addition to Calcmet, we offer a free Gasmet Smartphone App, which gives you access to the Gasmet FTIR spectrum collection, sample gas dew point calculator, unit conversion tool and CO2 / O2 concentration calculator!

  • Portable and quick set-up
  • Battery operation
  • Wireless communication
  • Simultaneous measurement of all gases
  • Splashproof, IP54 rated

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