Alcohol Breath Tester

DRIVESAFE breath alcohol testers provide accurate results in seconds using latest electrochemical sensor.

DRIVESAFE devices have been trusted by transportation safety professionals for more than 25 years

DRIVESAFE™ testers use advanced electrochemical sensors that are specific for alcohol and are the standard for law enforcement testers used in roadside screening. The long-term stability of the sensor provides accurate results over years of use. Each DRIVESAFE tester comes fully equipped with 2 AA alkaline batteries, operating instructions, protective carry case and five mouthpieces.

  • Hand Held pre-arrest breath alcohol testing instrument that reliable indentifies alcohol impaired drivers
  • Provides objective, unbiased with easy one button operation
  • Responds instantly with the help of sensor for applications like Probations, Industrial, Police and Check Points.

Common Uses

  • Ease of use
  • Simple process
  • Clear results
  • Credible performance
  • Ready for use
  • Limited warranty

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