Digital Colony Counter

Digital Colony Counter “CC570”, With Pressure Sensor System, Uniform Sensitivity, Up to Φ150mm Petri-Dish. With Ring Shape Lamp Illuminating Device, 4-Digit Bright Red LED Counting Display.

  • Pressure Sensor System Providing Uniform Sensitivity over the Whole of the Working Field.
  • The Adjustable Focusing Arm enables the Magnifying Glass to be Placed at Various Angles.
  • Flexible Adjuster Accepting Up to 150 mm Petri-Dishes.
  • Built-in Electronic Register on Deluxe Model - Operated by Any Pen.
  • Reset Button Providing Immediate Zeroing of the 4-Digit Counter.
  • Adjustable Focusing Arm allows 1.5× Standard Lens to be Raised or Lowered Up to your Preference.
  • Background Plate can be Changed to White or Black for Easy Counting
  • Lens can be rotated 360° for ready access to Petri-Dish
  • Readout : 4-Digit Bright Red 0.6″ LED Display
  • Illumination : Ring Shaped Fluorescent Lamp, 30W
  • Mode of Counting : Marking Pen Counting (Any Pen)
  • Life Sciences
  • Biology
  • Microbiology
  • Zoology
  • Pharmacology

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