Ash Fusion Analyzer

Uses the Latest technology in the service of the fusion temperature determinations Sylab Ash Fusion Analyzer automatically determines four critical temperatures: Deformation Temperature, Softening temperature, Hemispherical Temperature and Fluid Temperatures. It is a Fully automatic instrument for determining the Ash Fusion points by means of Image analysis. Sylab’s Ash fusion analyzer uses modern technology for monitoring, computing, and storing results and curves obtained during the test. Up to 6 samples can be analysed in each batch.

  • Precisely controlled high horizontal static temperature furnace
  • Accepts six samples either cylinder, pyramid or cone
  • High Strength Four element heating furnace
  • Work tube with an integrated light for samples having low initial deformation temperatures
  • Digital over-temperature protection with high alarm relay integrated high-resolution camera which is isolated from the high-temperature area to improve camera life.
  • Capable to record the complete analysis video and digital capture of the images
  • Adjustable grid scale for each test specimen
  • Grid overlay feature for accurate comparison of sample height and width
  • All test results Comply with ASTM, CEN/TS, ISO and DIN test methods. Storage of individual sample pictures (1 deg C by 1 deg C)
  • Inbuilt CO/CO2 and CO2/H2 gas mixtures are capable of accepting premixed gases
  • Inbuilt flow meters for oxidising and reducing gas flow
  • Programmable furnace temperature ranges
  • Maximum furnace temperature:1500 deg C
  • The furnace is capable to work at both oxidizing and reducing atmospheres
  • Programmable ramp rates from 1deg C to 12 deg C
  • Temperature Resolution 1 deg C
  • Specific temperature determination precision 20 deg C
  • Temperature is identified by quickly scrolling through the stored image
  • Accepts specimens having Cylinder, Pyramid and Cone shape from 3mm x 3mm to 6mm x 6mm x 19mm dimensions.
  • Direct specimen capturing without using mirrors for accurate and precise fusion temperature measurements.
  • Gases: CO/CO2 & CO2/H2 mixtures ready to use, additional features include CO, CO2 and H2 separate entries, and mixtures automatically made by the analyzer. Oxidizing atmospheres by inbuilt Air Pump (or) External Air Compressor.
  • Automatic airflow cooling for the furnace + CO/CO2/H2/Air exhaust tube to the lab hood.

Ash analysis

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