Nutrient Meters

Over application of nutrients can be just as detrimental as a deficiency. It not only impairs plant growth, but may contaminate groundwater or pollute surface waters. For proper plant nutrition measure nutrient solutions, soils, greenhouse soilless media, water samples and tissue sap for Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Nitrate, pH & Conductivity.

  • Put the power of a laboratory right in your hands!
  • Calibrate, Test and Clean - Easy 3 step measurement.
  • New Professional Grade meters.
  • Measure samples in nutrient solutions, water, soils and tissue sap.
  • Waterproof pocket sized meter with digital calibration.
  • Sensors store dry and are field replaceable.
  • Accuracy corelates well with laboratory analysis.
  • Unique flat sensor allows you to conveniently and accurately measure samples as small as 0.3ml
  • Automatic temperature compensation, waterproof, auto power-off.
  • Includes two CR2032 batteries, case and calibration standards.

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