Humidity Chamber

SMART Precise Temp/Humidity Chamber “ThermoStableTM STH”, 155·305·420·800 Lit. With Smart-LabTM, Auto Supplement Water Tank, Touch-Screen LCD, CFC-Free, -20℃ to 100 ℃, up to 98% RH

  • CFC free refrigerant (R-404A)
  • With Certificate & Traceability : Controlled by Serial Number, Certificate, Delivery-information, and Traceable Data Base System
  • Smart-LabTM Controller : Remote Controlled by Smart-Phone with WiReTM App Service.
  • Ergonomic 7″ Full Touch Screen TFT LCD - Internet Connectivity with WiFi
  • Self-Diagnostic Function - Automatic Data Recording
  • Push Alarm Service to Smart Phone : Power-/Temperature-/Door Open-Error Status
  • Built in USB port for Data Download and Program Upgrade
  • Password Protected Setting - Interactive Temperature Graph
  • Digital Calibration(Offset Function) - Min-/Max-Temperature Memory
  • Program Function : Multiple Programs(Patterns by multiple Segments) Supported
  • Precise Temperature Control (-20℃ to 100℃) and Humidity (30% to 98% Relative Humidity)
  • Electronic Humidity Sensor has Excellent Response time and Durability.
  • Easy and Safety Door Lock * Low Water Level Alarm System
  • The Powerful and Silent Dual Fan Motor assures Temperature Uniformity by Strong Air Circulation (2 ~ 4pcs)
  • Large Clear Viewing Window with Membrane Heating Element (Moisture-proof)
  • Sliding Water Supply Tank : Auto Water Supplementing System

Microbiology, Life sciences etc.

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